MPs approve new rules for 2021 national census, drop some questions


The lower house of Parliament has approved the rules for the national census to be conducted next year. MPs added a provision to the government’s proposal, according to which Czech citizens and permanent residents could continue to indicate voluntarily whether they profess any religious faith. The bill now goes to the Senate.

The national census is held once every 10 years. One of the novelties of the next one, to be carried in late March 2021, is that people will answer fewer questions than in the past, as statisticians will obtain partial data from various registers.

The online census will last 14 days, after which surveyors will visit households in person over a 24-day period. Participation is compulsory. Only households that do not complete an online questionnaire will be surveyed in person.

Among the questions included in the 2011 national census since dropped include asking whether the household has hot water, a private bathroom, and an internet connection, and the occupants’ level of formal education.