Němcová not in favour of lawyers’ presence


The head of the lower house Miroslava Němcová has said she will recommend that the Chamber of Deputies not allow the presence of lawyers for MP David Rath on the floor at a meeting of the chamber on Tuesday, which will decide whether the MP will be stripped of immunity. The MP – who has maintained his innocence but was caught red-handed with a suspected bribe of seven million crowns - has been charged with corruption and remanded in custody for fear he could influence witnesses, flee, or continue in illegal activities. Eight others have also been charged in the case. Mrs Němcová found agreement on a Sunday debate programme with Social Democrat deputy leader Michal Hašek, who said the lawyers could view the meeting from the visitors’ gallery. David Rath was a prominent and outspoken member of the Social Democratic Party and is the former governor of Central Bohemia.