New radar result builds anticipation of St. Agnes find


New radar scans conducted in the Church of St. Haštal in Prague have ignited anticipation that a hole in the floor near the altar may hold the lost remains of St. Agnes of Bohemia. The scans showed a crevice bearing a slab that corresponds to the dimensions of the tomb being sought, though the surveyor emphasised that the result was in no way conclusive of anything definite. Interest in the church became intense in November of last year, when an initial radar scan was said to show a casket beneath the altar. The current scan showed similar results, though in a slightly different location. The respective parish has said it would like the part of the floor in question to be raised as soon as possible so as to clear up the speculation. The remains of the 13th century saint were allegedly hidden during the Hussite Wars and have never been found. St. Agnes was canonised by Pope John Paul II just before the Velvet Revolution, and is considered a symbol of that event.