Opposition parties waiting for justification of decision not to prosecute PM


Opposition politicians have said they respect the decision of the state attorney who halted an investigation into the so-called Stork’s Nest Affair involving the Czech prime minister, but are waiting for more information and a thorough justification of that decision.

TOP 09 leader and former justice minister, Jiří Pospíšil, stressed the importance of an open and thorough justification of the decision for future public trust in the judiciary.

The head of the Christian Democrats, Marek Výborný, noted that while the state attorney’s decision may be acceptable from a legal perspective, it was not so from an ethical one.

And the leader of the Civic Democrats Petr Fiala said that in view of the circumstances and the change-of-guard at the justice ministry just hours after the police proposed the prime minister’s prosecution there would always be doubts in people’s minds regarding the prime minister’s proclaimed innocence.