Pelikán expresses disquiet over Okamura’s Lety comments


The minister of justice in resignation, ANO’s Robert Pelikán, has expressed disquiet over statements made by Freedom and Direct Democracy leader Tomio Okamura over the WWII concentration camp for Romanies at Lety, south Bohemia. Minister Pelikán called on Mr. Okamura to cease claiming that the camp was not guarded and to have respect for all those who had died or suffered there during the war.

The Freedom and Direct Democracy leader said in a recent interview that inmates could come and go from the camp, which for the most part had no guards. He has since apologised for saying it had no fence.

Over 300 prisoners were killed at Lety and hundreds more were sent to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. The site now houses a pig farm and the Czech state has made various moves to buy it from the current owners.