PM willing to look into the possibility of helping 50 Syrian orphans


Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has tasked Czech NGOs with selecting 50 Syrian orphans which the country could help. Following widespread criticism of his refusal to accept 50 child migrants, Babis met with Czech MEP Michaela Šojdrová, who first floated the idea, and agreed to look into the possibilities.

However both the prime minister and the MEP interpret the outcome of the meeting differently. Šojdrová says that Babiš promised to take in 50 Syrian child migrants if there were no bureaucratic hurdles on the road and if Czech families were willing to give them a home.

The prime minister maintains that if the MEP manages to produce such a list, it would be best to help the selected children in their home country.

Babiš has accused Šojdrová of leading a smear campaign against him ahead of the local and Senate elections due to take place in two weeks’ time.