Police raid offices of Prague Transit Company


Anti-corruption police raided the offices of Prague’s Public Transit Company, or DPP, Friday morning. The case is supervised by the Prague High State Attorney’s office, which has not yet released any information about the cause or findings of the raid. The company’s newly appointed director Magdalena Češková said the search was connected to the charges filed on Wednesday by DPP’s former director general Vladimír Lich against potentially fraudulent activities of the company’s former managers. Ms. Češková also said that members of the non-profit organization Transparency International assisted the police in the raid, and that DPP will file a complaint as a result.

Lich was unexpected sacked from his post of chairman of the board of directors on Wednesday, and from his position as director the next day on the grounds of bad management. Prague mayor Bohuslav Sobotka expressed vehement disagreement with the move.