Prague-Dobřichovice sees record temperature of 40.4 degrees


Meteorologists correctly predicted that Monday would not only be the hottest day of the year but also would see a new record set for highest temperature on this date: Prague-Dobřichovice registered 40.4 degrees Celsius on Monday afternoon. Other areas, such as Kopisty, registered 39 degrees earlier in the day. Meteorologists will tabulate final data for the day at around nine pm this evening. The extreme temperatures led the head of the country’s armed forces to recommend a shorter work day, while special measures were implemented for soldiers on duty or in training: members of the Prague Castle guard, for example, donned summer uniforms from lighter materials and were allowed to stand guard and keep mobile outside of their booths. Earlier in the day, meteorologists issued specific warnings of extremely high temperatures for Prague and the Central Bohemian and Ústí regions, warnings individuals – especially seniors, children and the ill – to stay out of the sun if possible and to hydrate regularly. Previously, the highest temperature in the country on this date was recorded in Prague-Uhříněves in 1983.