President’s chancellor withdraws court appeal over security clearance

25-01-2019 updated

President Miloš Zeman’s chancellor, Vratislav Mynař, has withdrawn an appeal filed with the Administrative Court against the decision of the National Security Office not to give him top-level security clearance. The chancellor said he did not trust the judge to rule impartially on the matter.

According to the president’s spokesman Chancellor Mynař will remain in office despite failing to get security clearance.

The matter has been debated since 2013 with politicians and the media pointing out that the chancellor regularly attends events where security clearance is expected.

In 2015 President Zeman said that if Mr. Mynař failed to get it, he would dismiss him from the post.

Opposition deputies have criticized the chancellor’s decision and the stated reasons for it, calling the move arrogant, cowardly and dangerous.