Prime Minister’s ANO party 14 points ahead in the polls, according to STEMs November survey


Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s ANO party maintained its lead in the polls in November, according to a newly published STEM agency survey. ANO received 34.9 percent of voter preference, leaving the second placed Pirate Party trailing far behind with 10.9 percent. The third placed Civic Democrats would receive 10.6 percent of the vote according to STEM, followed by the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party with 9.1 percent of preferences. The Mayors and Independents and the Communist Party both received just over 7 percent, while the Social Democrats, who are currently in government with ANO would get 6.4 percent. The last party to cross the required 5 percent threshold to get into the lower house of Parliament are the Christian Democrats with 5.5 percent. TOP 09, which currently sits in the Chamber of Deputies would receive just 3.7 percent.

According to the Czech News Agency, the survey was carried out after the November 17 protests against the prime minister, but before last week, when he was both found to be in a conflict of interest by a European Commission audit and criminal charges for subsidy fraud were restarted against him.