Unemployment in CR remains at 7.1 percent


Unemployment in the Czech Republic remained at 7.1 percent in November, the same as the previous month, while the number of jobless fell by 2,130 to 517,508 and the number of vacancies rose by 1,180 against October to 59,397, the Employment Office announced on Monday. Year-on-year, unemployment was 0.6 percentage point lower in November. The number of those without jobs dropped by 47,805while the number of vacancies increased by 21,896. The Employment Office´s spokeswoman Kateřina Beránková said that industrial firms had proven to be in good condition with an interest in hiring new personnel. The situation on the labour market, she added, had been positively influenced not only by the economic recovery but also by the wrapping up of seasonal work. Demand is traditionally high for technical professions across all sectors - for example for milling machine operators, mechanics and electricians.