Up to 300,000 people attend anti-Babiš demonstration on Prague's Letná plain

16-11-2019 updated

Protesters gathered on Prague's Letná plain to demonstrate against Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Minister of Justice Marie Benešová, calling on both to resign. According to the organisers there were as many as 300,000 people in attendance. The two-hour demonstration, which began at 2pm on Saturday, was the latest in a series of protests that have been going on since April this year. Organisers Million Moments for Democracy set out new demands on the prime minister, while also calling on opposition parties to find a way to increase their strength and vowing to organise new demonstrations if the prime minister interferes in the country's justice system, media, receives a pardon from the president, or if his alleged conflict of interests results in a withdrawal of EU subsidies.

Protestors suspect the Czech prime minister has been seeking to influence a criminal investigation into suspicions he committed EU subsidy fraud. However, the prime minister denies this and earlier this year, the criminal proceedings against him regarding an alleged case of subsidy fraud related to the Stork's Nest farm were halted by the state attorney investigating the case.