Czech band Jelen: Anděl award winner for best album of 2016


The Czech band Jelen is the fresh winner of the Anděl Award for the best album of 2016. The band plays roots music, inspired by various genres, such as country, folk, bluegrass and blues, and has cultivated a reputation for vibrant live performance. The band’s second album, which received the award, is called Vlčí Srdce or Wolf’s Heart.

Jelen, photo: CTKJelen, photo: CTK The rock-pop band Jelen was founded in 2012. Their debut album, called Světlo ve tmě of Light in the Darkness, was released in 2014 and won the Anděl Award for the best newcomer of the year. The band is led by singer and guitarist Jindra Polák, and its members currently include violinist and keyboard player Martin Kasal, drummer and bass player Ondřej Málek, guitarist Tomáš Málek, banjo and electric guitar player Jan Rek, accordionist Janek Kovářík and trumpet player and percussionist Alexandr Smutný. Featuring as a special guest is the singer Kateřina Marie Tichá.