Czech guitar virtuoso Lubomír Brabec captivates audiences worldwide


Lubomír Brabec, photo: Vojtěch HavlíkLubomír Brabec, photo: Vojtěch Havlík Lubomír Brabec is one of the country’s most brilliant guitarists and many rank him among the best guitar plyers in the world. In a career spanning over four decades he has captivated audiences at home and abroad, and recorded around 30 CDs. Critics have high praise for his immaculate technique as well as his inventive and original approach to music. Lubomír Brabec's many recordings include works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Janáček and Prokofiev, but also Spanish music and hits by McCartney. In 1997 he became the first musician in the world to perform a concert in Antarctica. It was broadcast live by Japanese television to wide international acclaim.