Marquee performer Jiří Korn marks jubilee year


Jiří Korn, photo: ČTK/Roman VondroušJiří Korn, photo: ČTK/Roman Vondrouš Today’s Sunday Music Show is dedicated to singer, actor and dancer Jiří Korn – a triple threat, as they say in show business – born in Prague seventy years ago this May. The consummate marquee performer began his professional musical career back in the swinging sixties as a member of Rebels.

In the early seventies, he sang with the rock band Olympic while also launching a solo career. Jiří Korn won an indelible place in Czech hearts mainly due to his appearance on musical variety shows on television – though he has reinvented himself many times.

After the Velvet Revolution, he turned more to musical theatre, starring in productions of Les Misérables, Dracula and Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few. In recent years, he has also toured with the acapella group 4TET, into which he enlisted a new generation of talented Czech singers.