Marta Kubišová –the gifted singer who became a symbol of communist dissent


Marta Kubišová, photo: Petra ŠevcůMarta Kubišová, photo: Petra Ševců Marta Kubišová, one of the most popular Czechoslovak singers of the 1960s and a symbol of resistance against the communist regime is bowing out with a final goodbye tour that started in the Slovak city of Kosice at the end of September and will take her to Prague’s Lucerna Palace where the singer started her career. Her last concert in České Budejovice, on November 1st, coincides with the singers 75th birthday. Today we look back at her career as a singer and her courageous stand as a citizen which put her on the communists’ black list for 20 years. She made her comeback in November of 1989 when standing next to Václav Havel on a balcony at the bottom end of Wenceslas Square she sang her famous hymn-like ballad Prayer for Martha.