Ways to listen


Radio Prague programmes are available both in text and sound on the internet. In sound you can either listen to our whole half hour transmissions or you can choose selected programmes on our mainpage. You can also listen to Radio Prague live, where our various language broadcasts alternate.

Listen to our English language broadcast from 2021 Apr 17 00:01:00

Streaming: MP3 64kbps

Audio archive for streaming and download.

Internet streaming and satellite

We are now broadcasting in 02:47:06 CET

You can find our broadcasting schedule here.

You can also listen to Radio Prague via internet radio receiver.


Radio Prague offers the following RSS and podcasting channels:


    Radio Prague ended shortwave broadcasting on January 31, 2011. However, in North America you can still tune in to Radio Prague’s English and Spanish broadcasts on the frequency 9955 kHz via Radio Miami International. For the broadcast schedule, see www.wrmi.net.

    The broadcasts for North America are available at
    02:00 UTC (Monday - Friday, Sunday)
    10:00 UTC (Monday - Friday)
    12:00 UTC (Monday - Saturday)
    on the frequency 9955 kHz.

    Radio Prague confirms reception reports.


    Radio Prague’s broadcasts in all languages are transmitted in Europe via Astra 3B satellite, 23.5° east. The program will newly be disseminated over the transponder 3233 with the central frequency of 12.3435 GHz and the polarisation Horizontal in the DVB-S2 system.
    You can find the Astra 3A broadcast schedule in the Broadcasting Chart.

    Radio Prague’s English broadcast can be picked up in Europe on the WRN English channel (Eutelsat Hotbird 6, 13 degrees eastward) and on Sky Digital (Eurobird 1, 28.5 degrees eastward, channel 0122), in North America on the channel WRN English (Galaxy 19, 97 degrees westward), in Asia and the Pacific on WRN English (Intelsat 10, originally PAS 10, on 68.5 degrees eastward) and in Africa on WRN English (Intelsat 10, originally PAS 10, 68.5 degrees eastward).

    Radio Prague’s Russian broadcast can be picked up in Europe on the WRN Russian channel (Eutelsat Hotbird 6, 13 degrees eastward).

    You can find an updated broadcasting schedule on the website of WRN.


    Radio Prague now offers listeners a mobile phone version of its website at www.radio.cz allowing you to access individual sound files (news, current affairs reports, features), our daily half-hour programmes as well as Radio Prague broadcasts in stream mode. In some cases you may have to install the respective application into your mobile phone.

    iPhone users can download "CRo iRadio" application from AppStore for free. Android users can download "Český rozhlas" application from Android Market.


    The following radio stations are rebroadcasting Radio Prague’s programme:

    Slovakia: Czech broadcast of Slovak Radio (Czech)
    Ukraine: Radio Žitomir (Czech)
    Serbia: Radio Bela Crkva (Czech)
    Croatia: Radio Daruvar (Czech)
    Romania: Radio Timisoara (Czech)
    Radio Resita (Czech)
    Australia: SBS Sydney (Czech)
    6EBA Perth (Czech)
    4EB Brisbane (Czech)
    Russia: Radio WRN Moskva 738 kHz (Russian), for broadcast schedule see WRN
    Georgia: Radio Positive (Russian)
    Spain: Radio Exterior de Espaňa (Russian)
    France/Czech Republic: Radio France Internationale (French)
    Austria: Radio Ypsilon (German)
    Freies Radio Freistadt (German)
    Argentina: Radio R, Patagonia (Spanish)
    Chile: Radio El Verbo (Spanish)
    Bolivia: Radio Laser Libertad (Spanish)
    Venezuela: Radio Ayre Venezuela (Spanish)
    Ecuador: Radio la Vida (Spanish)
    Mexico: Radio Universidad Benito Juaréz, Oaxaca (Spanish)
    Radio Mexico Internacional (Spanish)
    USA, Caribbean: Radio Miami International (Spanish) - see ‘shortwave’
    Radio Miami International (English) - see ‘shortwave’


    You can tune in to Radio Prague’s news and current affairs broadcasts in English from Monday to Friday on Czech Radio’s channel Plus at 92.6 FM at 20.35 and 22.35 CET.

    Radio Prague listeners can tune in to our cultural magazine in French “Une semaine à Prague” from 4.10 pm to 4.30 pm on Wednesdays and 11.10 am to 11.30 am on Saturdays on 99.3 FM.