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Cross border medical care beginning to thrive in border regions

10-02-2015 17:44 | Daniela Lazarová

Illustrative photo: European Commission People living in the Czech border regions have gradually got used to the concept of cross-border medical care within the EU. For many locals, clinics in neighbouring Germany are closer and more expedient than the nearest medical facility in the Czech Republic, while many Germans and Austrians seek out dental care at Czech clinics which are significantly cheaper.  More

Ombudswoman uncovers serious failings in old age homes operating outside of the law

09-02-2015 15:53 | Daniela Lazarová

Illustrative photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Ombudswoman Anna Šabatová is ringing the alarm regarding the conditions in which some senior citizens live in old people’s homes that fail to provide adequate care. The spotlight on several such homes has underscored a serious problem in a country with an aging population.  More

Czech Republic on brink of nationwide flu epidemic as vaccine proves largely ineffective

05-02-2015 14:32 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Republic is on the brink of a nationwide flu epidemic with all 14 regions severely affected. This year’s strain of flu is reported to be exceptionally aggressive and due to a mutation of the virus it has made the vaccine largely ineffective. The Bruntál region moreover reports four cases of swine flu with one patient in critical condition.  More

Doctors warn of growing incidence of babies born with drug withdrawal symptoms

19-01-2015 16:16 | Daniela Lazarová

Illustrative photo: Oriol Martinez / freeimages Doctors warn that in the past five years there has been an increase in the number of babies born with a neonatal abstinence syndrome as a result of their mother’s drug addiction. Hospitals and child centers across the country confirm this trend.  More

President comes under fire for words on inclusive education, handicapped children

16-01-2015 15:19 | Jan Velinger

Miloš Zeman, photo: Filip Jandourek President Miloš Zeman stirred considerable controversy this week, suggesting that handicapped children in the Czech Republic would be better off not sharing classrooms with non-handicapped students. He made the statement against inclusive education at a rehabilitation institute in East Bohemia. His words provoked broad reaction, with many saying the stance clashed with progressive values.  More

Could Czech Republic finally get smoking ban?

14-01-2015 15:06 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Republic has some of the most liberal laws in Europe when it comes to smoking. Now, however, the country’s health minister is working on legislation that would ban cigarettes from all bars and restaurants. Previous efforts to introduce a ban have come to very little – but the minister says the time is now right for such a change.  More

Study: Czechs must do more to prepare for rise in dementia cases

11-12-2014 15:11 | Jan Richter

Photo: European Commission There are currently some 150,000 people in the Czech Republic suffering from various forms of dementia, most frequently Alzheimer’s disease. That is relatively few compared to some other European countries. But experts warn that the number is rapidly increasing due to the ageing Czech population, and there is no official strategy in place either to combat the disease or to coordinate care for sufferers. I discussed the issue with Ondřej Mátl, co-author of a freshly released report on the state of dementia in the country.  More

Report: alcohol abuse considered major problem in Czech Republic, number of pervetin users goes up

09-12-2014 15:30 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Standa Soukup In the Czech Republic, the use of illicit drugs such as pervetin (methamphetamine) rose significantly over the last ten years but it is the abuse of a legal substance, alcohol, which presents an even bigger problem. Those are two of the main findings in an annual report just released about the state of drug abuse in the country.  More

Nurse charged with murder of several patients at small-town hospital

27-11-2014 15:16 | Ian Willoughby

Věra Marešová, photo: CTK A court in North Bohemia has remanded a nurse in custody on charges of killing several patients at a small-town hospital. The case was initially reported as the possible mercy killing of an elderly woman. But now police accuse the nurse of murdering five other patients, though the real number could be even higher.  More

Tackling the Czech Republic's poor air quality

20-11-2014 15:19 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: František Tichý November saw the release of an annual government-commissioned report on the state of the environment in the Czech Republic. While the gist of the report maintained that a number of factors continued to improve, including water quality and canalisation, air quality was found to be a major problem. It found that in 2013, 55 percent of Czechs were still being exposed to above-average levels of the toxic chemical benzopyrene. Additionally, many cities suffer from smog and ground level ozone, while heating plants were found to account for 41 percent of dangerous PM10 particulate matter being inhaled by Czechs. Last year, the government spent more than 27 billion crowns on improving the environment. Since joining the EU, the country has been able to source around 120 billion crowns from EU funds to this end – but has only utilised 43 percent of total allocated funds for the 2007-2013 period. So is the new government doing enough?  More


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