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New guidelines to help courts calculate bodily harm compensations

15-04-2014 14:35 | Jan Richter

Photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Supreme Court has devised new guidelines for calculating settlements for bodily harm. The methodology, which comes in a reaction to rather vague provisions of the new Civil Code, should help unify court rulings on compensation for temporary and permanent injuries and similar issues. The new rules also raise the maximum amount of compensation for grave social impairment to 20 million crowns.  More

Patients still waiting to see benefits of 2013 law on medical marihuana

01-04-2014 15:45 | Daniela Lazarová

Illustrative photo: CTK When the law on medical marihuana came into force in February of last year it seemed that the way was now open for patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases to use the drug under medical supervision without having to acquire it secretly in violation of the law. However, despite the good intentions of MPs who pushed through the legislation, little has changed in the past year and cannabis remains unavailable legally.  More

Police chose “wrong weapon” in raids on marijuana cultivation suppliers, says owner Michal Otipka

03-02-2014 16:09 | Ian Willoughby

Illustrative photo: Tomáš Adamec In November, the Czech police’s drugs unit raided dozens of “grow shops”, businesses that sell products necessary for the cultivation of marijuana. The police justified the large-scale confiscation of goods on the grounds that a court had ruled it was illegal for the shops to offer in one place everything needed to grow the drug, from seeds to literature. This is disputed by the grow shop owners, including my guest today, Michal Otipka, who runs four in Prague. Before we got on to the legal niceties, I asked Otipka how he’d first got into the business.  More

Smoking stinks but noise annoys

01-02-2014 02:01 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Kristýna Maková As an opponent of smoking who’s got a dodgy lung, I have for years been a strong advocate of the Czech Republic joining the other civilised countries of Europe and introducing a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.  More

After proton therapy in Prague, British prostate cancer patient tells others to check out all the options

09-01-2014 16:25 | Daniela Lazarová

Prague’s Proton Therapy Center, photo: archive of Proton Therapy Center Prague’s Proton Therapy Center, which opened a year ago, has had more than its fair share of teething problems. Due to a drawn-out conflict with the country’s largest health insurer VZP one of the most modern cancer treatment facilities on the Continent has had problems letting Czech patients know it is here and offers the most advanced tumor treatment available –highly effective, safer and with fewer side effects. However with only a handful of these therapy centers around the world foreign patients have started knocking on its door.  More

Taking aim at child obesity

28-12-2013 02:01 | Jan Velinger

Photo: archive of Radio Prague Child obesity continues to be a problem in the Czech Republic, having risen markedly in recent years. The popularity of increasingly passive activities from spending more and more time on the computer to the internet certainly have not helped. That’s where organisers of two projects underway – Škola plná zdraví and Česko se hýbe – hope to make a major difference.  More

Ministry introduces changes to improve health care during and after birth

12-12-2013 15:53 | Masha Volynsky

Photo: Oriol Martinez, Stock.XCHNG The Health Ministry has announced that it will be introducing two changes as of the New Year, to help mothers giving birth have more privacy and feel more in control while they are in the hospital. Mothers who experience a naturally progressing birth without complications may choose to have only nurses present at the procedure, and will be able to leave the hospital within hours of giving birth, after receiving instructions on how to care for the baby.  More

Police file charges in Prague Proton Therapy Centre dispute

19-11-2013 15:19 | Daniela Lazarová

Photo: archive of Proton Therapy Centre The drawn-out conflict between the largest Czech health insurer VZP and the Prague Proton Therapy Centre on the validity of a multi-billion crown agreement may soon come to a head. The anti-corruption police confirmed on Monday that they had filed charges of abuse of office against an unnamed person involved in the case.  More

National Disability Council calls on Zeman to apologise for discriminatory remark

12-11-2013 15:27 | Jan Velinger

Miloš Zeman, photo: Office of the President of the Czech Republic Czech President Miloš Zeman has in the past suggested caustically that his day wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t insult at least one person. Well on Monday, the president – who is recovering from a knee injury – inadvertently insulted a good many by suggesting in a radio interview it would be “undignified” to name the country’s next prime minister from a wheelchair.  More

Czech Republic sees steep rise in whooping cough cases

06-11-2013 16:01 | Jan Richter

Illustrative photo: Kristýna Maková The Czech Republic is seeing a steep rise in cases of whooping cough. This year, doctors have registered 880 cases of the highly contagious disease, and expect that by the end of the year, the number could exceed one thousand. Such a high incidence of whooping cough was last registered in the 1960s.  More


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