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Health minister reacts to suspected mercy killing, ruling out any legalization of euthanasia

25-08-2014 14:53 | Jan Velinger

Illustrative photo: Barbora Kmentová Murder charges filed against a nurse suspected of aiding the death of a terminally-ill patient at a hospital in Rumburk, has refocused attention on the issues of euthanasia, palliative health care, and controls in the health sector. On Sunday, the health minister pushed for improvements in the latter, while making clear he was in not in favour of euthanasia under any circumstances.  More

Government prepares legislation to assist excluded social groups

06-08-2014 15:32 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: Jos van Galen / freeimages The Czech government has formally begun preparing new legislation, which will assist socially disadvantaged groups in finding employment in Czech businesses and public institutions. Presently, employers seeking to add handicapped or homeless staff to their ranks do so without a precise legal framework.  More

Czech Radio: increasing number of parents opposed to ‘hexa vaccine’

04-08-2014 16:26 | Jan Velinger

Photo: Filip Jandourek The hexa vaccine, a simultaneous vaccination for children targeting six serious diseases including whooping cough and Hepatitis B, has been administered in the Czech Republic for seven years. But increasingly, Czech Radio’s Radiožurnál reports, groups of parents are coming out against, for fear of “overburdening” their child’s immune system or of serious side effects.  More

MPs vote to raise cigarette prices in order to meet EU directive

30-07-2014 16:17 | Ian Willoughby

Photo: Kristýna Maková The price of cigarettes in the Czech Republic is due to rise by up to four crowns for a pack of 20. Wednesday’s approval of the price hike in the lower house followed a fall in the value of the crown that left the Czech Republic in contravention of a new EU guideline on excise duty.  More

Ministry presents strategy to improve Czech public health

23-07-2014 15:20 | Jan Richter

Photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Health Ministry on Wednesday presented a national strategy to improve public health, which has in some respects deteriorated over the past decades. The document entitled Health 2020 addresses 16 areas, from lack of physical exercise to better institutional health care.  More

Helppes: training dogs for people with physical and mental health disabilities

17-07-2014 13:32 | Daniela Lazarová

Zuzana Rajtrová, photo: archive of Helppes The Prague-based NGO Helppes trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Established in 2001, it trains about 15 service dogs a year and is the only organization of its kind in the Czech Republic which has achieved the high standard required for membership in Assistant Dog Europe and Assistant Dog International. For this week’s Panorama I went to see one of its dog handlers, Zuzana Rajtrová, to find out more about how it works.  More

Controversial RU 486 abortion pill becomes legally available in the Czech Republic

10-07-2014 13:21 | Daniela Lazarová

Illustrative photo: Kristýna Maková Last year doctors performed around 23,000 surgical abortions in the Czech Republic, a fifth of them for health reasons. Now women who decide to end their pregnancy in its early stages have the option of using the newly available abortion pill RU 486. While many women welcome the chance to replace surgical abortion with a less invasive method of inducing miscarriage, critics and pro-life activists are vehemently protesting the pill’s registration.  More

Commission to probe Prague hospitals who turn away patients

09-07-2014 14:01 | Dominik Jůn

Photo: Filip Jandourek The Czech Minister of Health Svatopluk Němeček and Prague mayor Tomáš Hudeček have announced plans to form a commission to tackle an epidemic of ambulance patients in the city forced to wait hours to be admitted to hospitals. In the latest reported incident, a woman died of a brain hemorrhage after allegedly being forced to wait for almost two hours until a hospital could be found that would admit her. DJ reports:  More

Czech Republic and Vietnam to cooperate in fighting drug crime

08-07-2014 15:20 | Daniela Lazarová

Nguyen Thai Binh, Milan Chovanec, photo: CTK With Vietnamese gangs getting increasingly involved in the drug crime scene in the Czech Republic, the Czech authorities have requested assistance from Vietnam’s police and judiciary in dealing with the problem. A meeting of the country’s interior ministers on Monday paved the way for close cooperation in fighting drug-related crime.  More

Czech scientists develop Lyme disease vaccine

18-06-2014 14:13 | Ian Willoughby

Tick, photo: Richard Bartz, CC BY-SA 2.5 Czech scientists have developed a new vaccine against Lyme disease. Presenting their breakthrough on Tuesday, the researchers said the vaccine against the tick-borne illness was ready to use on animals – and will hopefully be available for the treatment of humans in future.  More


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