Mon histoire tchèque

Nous vous remercions pour votre participation au concours Mon histoire tchèque. Ce sont 181 photos que vous nous avez envoyées, chacune d’entre-elles accompagnée d’une histoire ou d’une anecdote intéressante. Le jury, composé de représentants de Radio Prague et de l’agence Czechtourism, a désigné la photo de Patrick Wiel, de France, comme étant la meilleure. Le vainqueur du concours gagne un séjour de trois jours à Prague pour deux personnes. Toutes nos félicitations !

Place Venceslas le 18/12/2011, veillée spontanée en hommage à Vaclav Havel quelques heures après la nouvelle de sa disparition. Je ressens et je partage l'émotion des praguois au milieu de la foule qui se recueille et se souvient dans le silence et une grande dignité. Un moment fort.

Liste des neuf autres finalistes qui recevront un prix :

Christine Taffe, USA: I lived in Prague for 6 months, and this photo shows the best 24 hours of my life. We went to a secret party at Národní Divadlo, met Glen Hansard from Once, and stayed up all night to watch the sun rise on Karluv Most. Thank you, Praha, for showing me how magical life can be.
Wojciech Stobba, Pologne: "The Bluish Colours of Ostrava" This is the very first photo I took at the railway station in Ostrava upon arriving for the Colours of Ostrava festival in July 2012. Everytime I see this picture, it reminds me of this song by Animal Collective, who headlined the festival:
Anatolij Karpus, Russie: Посылаю на Ваш конкурс фото: Я, советский офицер, врач, и моя чешская подруга Ивана в окрестностях села Светла Гора, под Брунталем. апрель 1970 года.
María Fernández Mouriz, Espagne: Has anybody said that in Czech Republic you cannot enjoy tasty "ryby"? Trust me, you won't think so after having tasted the real Czech "kapr" and "pivo" while listening to "tradiční moravanku".
Kilian Schache, Allemagne: "Die goldene Stadt am Ende des Regenbogens" Ein Regenbogen ist ein Symbol für Vieles und immer ein besonderes Naturereignis. Für mich persönlich ist gerade der Ort des Regenbogens - Žižkov - sehr wichtig.
Audrey Le Mercier, France: Czech Easter. I discovered this scary/funny tradition, but why men would be the only ones to use "pomlázka"?
Daniel Herda, USA: My great-grandparents, Matej Herda and his wife Marie (Jirikova), who came to the U.S. from the Czech Republic in 1875. My daughter and I have always been passionate about our Czech history and heritage and have dreamed of seeing our ancestral home for years.
Berlina Andrea Yu, Philippines: (At the Lennon Wall in Prague) I worked at a camp in Stara Ves for 3 mos. When camp ended & I was to return to my country, my students (all from different parts of CZ) visited & took me around Prague! I really loved that day because my students became my friends, and I got to see the city through their eyes. This photo proves that race or language is never a barrier for friendships to form :)
Pierrick Lefevre, France: "Against the tide" in memory of the velvet revolution. Vaclacske namesti, Praha